FILM: Lee 'Scratch' Perry's Vision Of Paradise

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Not only did Lee 'Scratch' Perry create dub reggae, but at 80 years old he still personifies everything the movement stands for. A man half rooted in Earth, the other in space, Perry speaks in righteous message. This new film about his life and work gives a rare insight into one of the most unique personalities in music. 

Filmed over 15 years between Ethiopia, Jamaica, London and the artist's home in Switzerland, Vision of Paradise sees Perry tell the story of his life and music - from working with Bob Marley to facing problems with local Rastas in Jamaica - largely through the medium of rhyming couplets with a heavy spiritual message. At first all this makes Perry a difficult man to pin down, but as the film progresses we see the humour in his eccentricities and come to love him for it. Even more so when it seems to be lost on those around him, which happens fairly often. 


It's that character which makes this film so entertaining. You come away with the impression that if success and fame hadn't found Lee 'Scratch' Perry, he wouldn't have lived his life any differently, and that to me is what makes a true artist. 


Lee Scratch Perry's Vision of Paradise is out on DVD April 4th. Screening info below.

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