FILM: Sleaford Mods - Invisible Britain

100 things we love right now #87
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The first time I heard Sleaford Mods I knew I was listening to something important. A bloke in his 40s shouting about a shit life in fractured Britain goes against everything the music industry tells us we should like, it was like they'd burst through the plastic shrink wrapping suffocating the media, machine gunning explosive lyrics into our ears whether we liked it or not. 


Invisible Britain follows the duo on tour before the 2015 general election, visiting many of the towns and people forgotten by the political machine. Not the romantic urban landscapes fetishised in countless art school photoshoots, but the parts of Britain many would prefer to ignore: boarded up, neglected, ugly. 

Featuring a combination of live footage, news clips, interviews with the band and fans, plus a look at how individuals and communities have been affected by government cuts, everybody who wants to understand Britain today should watch it. 


In a time when the odds are stacked against us and popular music is afraid to tackle social issues, a film like Invisible Britain which is half music doc, half raw social commentary, is a bold move, but nobody is better equipped to steam in on austerity than Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn.


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