Fire In The Hole! Fancy Partying On An Ex-German Warship?

If you go down to the docks this Saturday, you'll be sure to find a big surprise...
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The guys from The Jackalope have got an event coming up this Saturday and it’s all taking place on an ex-German warship.  We caught up with organiser Lee Gorton to get the lowdown on what it’s all about, his favourite Badly Drawn Boy tune, and what a Jackalope actually is...

Can you tell us what the event is?

An all day, late night sonic celebration of the strange and the spectacular! On the most inspiring venue that's ever pulled into the UK,  The motorship Stubnitz.

How long has The Jackalope been going?

I ran The Jackalope as a secret underground speakeasy in stoke newington from November 2011 to about June 2012. Had a great run of it there, hidden away under an Italian restaurant, but eventually had to move on after one too many run ins with the idiot of a gaffer upstairs.

What IS a Jackalope?

It's a mythical creature of north American origin. A jackrabbit crossed with an antelope! The trick with them is you can never find them, suits what we do perfectly as we're always on the move and popping up in previously unheard of exotic venues. Draped in antlers!

What is the mentality that drives the night?

We love championing underground acts, stuffed full of ideas and talent, that deserve More acclaim. But we also want to run these nights with a casual flair and an unpretentious, all inclusive spirit.

How did you find yourself on an ex-German warship?

Long story. It's actually an east German fishing trawler that was robbed from Russian waters 20 years ago and his been run as a volunteer driven, roaming communal venue ever since. It came to the uk for the first time to be one of the venues at the bloc weekend which turned out a disaster so this gig is partly to try raise some funds for the boat to literally keep it afloat! As soon as you step onboard you feel this sense of wonder and excitement that a thing like this exists and functions so brilliantly, to bring the left field arts to various parts of Europe. It's truly inspirational.

Are there any other military artifacts you'd like to put an event on in?

Probably, I hear incredible things about some unused aircraft hangars out in Europe. I'll need to look into that more though. This'll do me for now.

Who selects the acts that are going to play?  

I do. I work with most of the acts here pretty closely. Some from my regular Sunday night Stoke Newington night, Folke Newington, but half are from my strong connections with Manchester and my history there: I used to sing in the band Alfe, who signed to Badly
Drawn Boys own label Twisted Nerve back in the day. That was another inspirational, esoteric scene to be involved in and helped form much of the ethos on how I run things to this day still.

Who are you most looking forward to?

I'm excited about everyone playing in truth but I suppose the two I think are bespokely suited to excel in theses surroundings are Paddy Steer and Denis Jones. Both are unique, eccentric, mind bending, sonic pioneers, from Manchester who are going to make full use of the bombastic, high spec p.a. and such a special environment.

Are they mostly local bands?

Not really. I've pulled quite a few from Hackney, where I lived for 5 years, and a solid bunch of Mancunian free thinkers. Nicely peppered with the Syd Arthur bunch from near Canterbury. These lads really sound like the true heirs to the old prog scene there.

What's your favourite Badly Drawn Boy tune?

There's loads. But I'm gonna go for It Came From The Ground . A little known belter with dope drums from an old Twisted Nerve 10''.

What's the best night in London (other than The Jackalope)?

For this I'm going to have to do a shout out to the hand picked collection of DJ's we've got in to rock the boat til the early hours. Thogdin Riley's 'Night Of The Long Swords', Horton Jupiters 'The Thing', Jah Shabby's 'Back And To The Left/Rock And Roll Soul', Richard Norris'  'Time And Space Machine' and anything with Chris 'The Judge' Arthur or Pete Fowler. I also personally adore Johnny trunks 'Vision On' nights at the Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. Sporadic but brilliant. Just the way we like it!

You can get tickets for The Jackalope here

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