First Listen To Brilliant New Track From Mike Skinner

The boy from The Streets has got a brand new band, and their first track is a killer...
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The Streets might have jacked it in, but the man Skinner has just dropped the first track from his new project, The D.O.T, that has seen him join up with Rob Harvey from The Music (another recently deceased band).  They’ve also roped in crooner Claire Maguire on vocal duties, and flipper-tongued US rapper Danny Brown.  If that sounds like a lot of cooks you would be right, but they’ve concocted a broth that is 3-tunes-for-the-price-of one- syrupy ballad, schizo-electro banger and 2012 hip-hop ditty.  A bit busy?  Sure.  But it’s totally ace. Check the stream of it here:

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