Frightened Rabbit Live: F*ck The Industry, Love The Band

The Scottish rockers have just been signed by Atlantic with potential superstardom in the offing, so would they woo the liggers at a small East London venue...?
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'This is for the people at the front, not the industry at the back, cheers to you lot and fuck them'

Age old rhetoric it may be, but the rest of the review could be piss in the wind because the quote covers it, Frightened Rabbit at 93 Feet East was a gig for the few, not the (expensed) many, deep in the artery of East London and with the Shoreditch shuffle in full effect, a band that checks it ego at the door, faced with a scene that celebrates itself, it was akin to fighting sledge hammers with tooth picks. Opening with 'Modern Leper' they kick on past 'The Twist' into new single 'State Hospital' straining the chords that make up his throat, Scott Hutchinson willed the crowd into a reaction, finally getting one on 'Fast Blood'.

Clearly aware of the surroundings, Hutchinson adds;

'That's for Fucking London, that’s fucking with a capital F.'

with the wind in the right direction this band can capture the imagination of the uninitiated.

Declarations of love are bellowed from the crowd (each one exclusively male) and the band go into 'Oil Slick' which we are informed will be on the new album. Exhibiting a knowledge of stage craft to match their knack for locating the heart string, those in attendance are transformed into one big human accordion for the start of 'Swim Until You Can't See Land', it does the job and it shows that with the wind in the right direction this band can capture the imagination of the uninitiated.

The set highlight straddled the encore with 'Backwards Walk' and it's love affair in twilight lyric- 'My trousers seem to love your floor' -slicing through pretension, setting the band apart from their contemporaries. Returning for the encore with the acoustic solo of 'Poke' Hutchinson gains the connection he's been sweating for all evening. The gig ends without 'Keep Yourself Warm.'  it was missed, but did we deserve it? At their best Frightened Rabbit are capable of producing a song that could accompany your daughter down the aisle, we now just wait for the rest of country to realise it.

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