Gary Numan: 10 Things I Miss About The UK

The electro pioneer moved to LA in 2012. From his family to rain, via fish and chips, here's the things he just can't get Stateside...
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1: My family

Moving to a new country is not something done lightly and missing family is, for me, the hardest part. My Mum and Dad, and brother John, mean the world to me and they are the number one thing I miss, every day. Luckily they have all been over to visit, and I've seen them back in the UK a few times since immigrating.

2: My friends

Some of my closest friends are in the band so I still see them fairly often. Others I see very rarely and that's hard. You can get lost in the excitement of such a big life changing move and it's only when the dust settles that you begin to realise just how big and important a part of your life those friends were, and how much you miss them.

3: Pub lunches

A simple pleasure perhaps but sitting outside our local pub for an afternoon lunch was one of the things I look forward to most when I lived in the UK. The Marks Cross Inn in East Sussex is set in a beautiful location and offered great food and I enjoyed many a happy time there.

4: My boat

There is something particularly peaceful and English about pottering up the River Thames on a boat and, although I didn't do it as often as I'd like, it was always a lovely thing to do. I could get a boat here in Los Angeles but we don't have rivers to speak of and I'm too scared of sharks to spend much time on the sea.

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5: My old house and land

I have a very lovely house here and I have no complaints whatsoever but I had a very special attachment to my house in East Sussex. It had about eight acres of the most beautiful land, with a stream and little wooden bridges and an ancient wood. So many important things in my life happened while I was there it will always feel special.

6: Brighton

My favourite place in England. It was my local town for the last seven years of my life in the UK and I always really enjoyed being there. Many of my friends live there as well so it has so many great memories for me and my family. Luckily, in many ways, nearby Santa Monica has a similar vibe to Brighton.

7: Castles

Both Gemma and I love going to visit historic buildings, castles especially, and we spent a ridiculous amount of time travelling all over the UK visiting them. You don't really get anything like that here and I do miss that a lot. Whenever we come back to the UK we try to squeeze in a visit or two.

8: Fish and Chips

My favourite food on the planet. The best I can get here is in a Diner called Ruby's and, nice though it is, it's nothing like as good as British Fish and Chips. I'm told there is a place not far that's run by some Brits that sells proper Fish and Chips but I haven't got there yet. Apparently they also sell Farrows peas which are essential to my life continuing.

9: My Sheep

We had eight sheep when we lived in the UK which we were unable to bring to the States, although we were able to bring our giant dog and two cats. Luckily, our lovely friend Elaine has taken on the sheep and so they are now running around a large area in the North of England, surrounded by other happy animals.

10: Rain

The sun here in LA is just relentless. Everyday you wake up to beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies but there are times when you just desperately want it to rain to give you some respite from all the glorious heat. Oh, wait a minute, that's all utter bollocks. I hate the rain. It seems like I only miss nine things after all.

Gary's new album, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) is out now on Mortal Records. You can buy tickets for his upcoming tour here