Ghostface Killah Just Destroyed Martin Shkreli

The strangest beef in hip hop continues.
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Let's set the scene. Last year the Wu Tang Clan announced there would only be one copy of their latest album for sale to the highest bidder. The owner could then do whatever he liked with it, including stream it online for free. This arguably became the single greatest music marketing decision this century when Once Upon A Time In Shaolin sold for $2 million. 

Things took another interesting turn when the buyer was revealed to be real life supervillain Martin Shkreli, the odd looking twat who raised the price of life saving HIV drugs from $13.50 to $750 purely for his own gain.

This started a war of words between some members of the clan, notably Ghostface Killah, and Shkreli. Insults were traded and videos uploaded, including this bizarre threat-laden one above from Shkreli and his goons last week.

This was Ghost's reply, which is half a dismantling of Shkreli's life, the other half an ad for his own Wu branded CBD oil. Hip hop is fucking mental at the moment. 

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