Give It Up For Wolfie: London's Newest RnB Pack Leader

Get a look at our newest chanteuse spinning luscious sounds...
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Photo - c/o Luke Nugent

Photo - c/o Luke Nugent

Wolfie is London’s latest RnB protégé, recently dropping a huge new ADP-produced piece called ‘Drifting’.

Her Romani roots and spiritual nature inspire her sound: the music is a modern take on traditional Romani music with synthesized backing beats and warped hums. Elsewhere, her lyrics such as, “We finished cus you were never enough for me, and it seems like you were never in love with me” dissect a past relationship, making her lyrics relatable to the heartbroken wolves and wolvettes out there.

‘Drifting’ is 2am dark, with Wolfie’s talk-singing technique euphonious and oozing vibey relaxation. It pairs nicely with ‘I Be Ghost’- the track Wolfie released just two months ago, and has already amassed over 30,000 SoundCloud hits. Together, the two work together perfectly in showcasing her natural songwriting abilities.

Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Target and MistaJam have already given their approval; a big step for a relatively unknown artist. Her style suits an ever-growing culture of young, local musicians who are proving they don’t need huge labels to take on this heavily saturated area within the British RnB music industry. Wolfie’s ‘Drifting’ exuberates professionalism and originality, something appealing to audiences who value up-and-coming artists and a true London RnB sound.

I’d like to think of her as ‘The Female Weeknd’ because her sound plugs the gap between underground 'chill out-house’ music, and accessible RnB. Something that we keep seeing with artists is that they’re going from zero to hero almost instantly, causing a growing hype for my generation who are truly at one with this scene.

Wolfie is next in line. If her name is anything to go by, she seems destined to head right to the front of the pack. 

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