Hell W10 - Watch Joe Strummer's Lost Movie Here

A bizarre black and white offering with a corking soundtrack, that pits Mick Jones and Paul Simonon in opposition, is a must for any fans of The Clash
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To many, The Clash were and always will be 'the only band that truly mattered.' As the rockabilly street poet - part snarling aggravator, part soulful hippie and a man born with the blues - Joe Strummer was the leader of the last gang in town. Mick Jones was the music, Topper the beating heart and Simonon the coolest man to ever walk the stage, but Strummer was the idol, the icon. So when the gaffer, James Brown, found this movie and started talking about it on social networking sites with glee, we had to share it with you. We found it on Billy Blaze's Vimeo site, and here is what the blurb on there says...

"This is a bizarre silent, black and white short film directed by the late Joe Strummer, the Clash's frontman. The basic plot surrounds a man named Earl (Clash bassist Paul Simonon) and a drug-lord/porn director named Socrates (their guitarist/singer Mick Jones). Earl's girlfriend gets involved with Socrates and his business, and soon enough Earl becomes the man's number one enemy. Socrates tries to get his goons on Earl's case, especially after he hocks a batch of Socrates' "special" porn, but Earl manages to wrangle up a group of his friends to rebel against them. He's clearly not going to go down without a fight."

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Hell W10

Hell W10 from Billy Blaze on Vimeo.

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