Hot Mix 5: FlyLo, Aphex Twin, Kendrick

Visionquest's Ryan Crosson sticks his money in the jukebox this week...
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Flying Lotus -  Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar

I"m always excited when a new Flying Lotus album is about to drop.   He is one of the elite producers in the World who continues to get better.  His style has always remained heavily experimental and electronic but his use of musical elements keeps him accessible to a broad range of music lovers.  He doesn't rest on his laurels which I think is common place in the more dancefloor oriented realm of electronic music after a certain level of success has been reached.  This is guy is pure class.

Chaim - Underwater 

Chaim has been riding a hot streak all Summer stemming from his release on Guy Gerbers 'Rumors' imprint.  In his track "Underwater" provided for his  Visionquest EP he continues on deep melodic journeys over simplistic drum programming.  I was really pleased with this entire EP and have enjoyed listening to Chaim really come into his own in 2014.

Daniel Jacques - End of My World 

Absolutely adore this track which was featured on Ryan Elliott's Panorama Bar mix.  The whole EP is actually a stellar lesson in proper deep house. Do yourself a favor and pick this up on vinyl from DVS1's Mistress Recordings.  You'll play both sides from beginning to end.

Aphex Twin - minipops 67

YEP, I'm gonna bandwagon all over this because Aphex Twin is the fucking Don and i fully welcome his return.  Music needs it/him.

Christopher Wiltis - Opening  

Ghostly and Spectral have always been two labels close to my heart.  They were sort of our big brothers in a way coming up in and around Detroit and att U-M & MSU. I listen to almost everything that comes out on the two labels and always find it hard not to enjoy each release in some way.  Their musical taste is quite incredible.  This is one of the many excellent tracks off of Christopher Wiltis' latest album.

Ryan Crosson's remix of Chaim, Underwater is out now on Visionquest:

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