Hot Mix 5: New Tunes You Need To Hear This Week

New offerings from SOPHIE and xxxy aswell as a melodic future classic by John Talabot. Your five essential tracks to grab hold of this week.
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SOPHIE - Lemonade

Enigmatic producer and future pop crafter SOPHIE has finally revealed his latest musical offering and it’s exactly the kind of fucked up weirdness we wanted to here. Crazy teenage vocals from what sounds like PC Music’s Hannah Diamond and bleeps that we haven’t heard since we played Pokémon red, this is set to blow up SOPHIE into the stratosphere. It’s worth checking out a 1-minute snippet of the B-side here too.


xxxy - Goldfish

xxxy is never one to stand still, with a variety of different vibes occupying his soundscape. His latest offering ‘Goldfish’, is his debut release Doc Daneeka’s imprint Ten Thousand Yen. It’s a track crafted for the peak of a DJ’s set in a dingy, dark, club, probably in a secret east London location.


Pional - It’s All Over

After obsessing over this track last year, it's good to see that John Talabot is reissuing the melodic house track through his Hivern Discs imprint, along with four remixes, two done by the man himself. Each version brings out a different side to the song, all of which can be heard here.


Eyedress - Would You Do The Same For Me feat Alyana Cabral

Eyedress has been on my radar for a while now, after the Phillipino released his debut mixtape ‘Hearing Colours’ earlier this year. Since, the 23-year old recently dropped an EP titled Egyptian Night Club and recently shared a more mellow single. It features vocalist Alyana Cabral, who provides the perfect harmonies for the melancholic, love-centred track.


Yung Gutted - Dusty Mixtape

Not exactly a single, but Brooklyn-based producer Yung Gutted dropped a new mixtape titled 'Dusty', which sees the producer build on his previous sound with dark intricate layers of 'horrorcore' and a selection of eclectic samples. Skip to the 19:50 mark to hear 'Satans', the maximal standout track from the tape.


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