Hot Mix 5: Tonka's Special

The one they call Tonka goes balls deep into this week's new club tracks. Featuring Visionquest, Krankbrother, David Marston and other heroes.
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Lee Curtiss – Drink Tickets
Released: 16 June, 2014 on Visionquest

Drink Tickets is a song by Lee Curtiss on that cool dance label, Visionquest. It’s a cool song by a cool DJ who more often than not produces cool tracks when swinging by his cool studio with his cool Visionquest and, probably, Crosstown Rebels chums. I think the vocal on this say’s “the voyager” which, to be honest, has fuck all to do with drink tickets so I don’t know why he’s included it. He should have sung “here’s your drink tickets” in a lazy, robotic way instead. That being said (by me), Drink Tickets is fucking brilliant. Plug your earphones in, close your eyes and it’s 2007. You’re in The AKA Bar with me and Shabs from Channel 4 Drugs Live, absolutely fucking terminated, searching in your back pocket for your drink tickets and only pulling out another pill before stumbling downstairs for a bit of Bugged Out! and a gurn. Lovely stuff.


Krankbrother – Electric Lucifer EP
Released: 9 June, 2014 on DFTD

I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually listened to this one yet but my source, close to the London brother and brother act, wrote to me explaining that the EP’s title track Electric Lucifer opens with a zoning bass line, energetic shakers and a thumping kick before things get hypnotically frantic with the looping vintage sounding vocal sample. Thank You Baby gets tropical with saxophone and cowbell, a recurring bass heavy kick and some soulful female vocal licks ensuring this track is party lighter fluid. Funky disco-esque bass lines and electric guitars get grooving in Big Mo; the 80s synth chords and tinny cowbells keep the drive alive making this track arguably the most versatile in this impressive EP for Krankbrother.

It sounds great, so I’ll give it an 8/10 now and the 10/10 is in the post for after I’ve had a listen myself.


Dan Edge – Away in the Sun
Released: fuck knows

Shabs from Channel 4 Drugs Live recently persuaded me to listen to this after I’d texted him late at night, begging him to throw a tune at me to review on Sabotage Times that would make me sound like I listen to more than just house, minimal techno, hard house, dub techno, minimal house, handbag, minimal dub, industrial and techno. Away in the Sun by Dan Edge is, according to the Soundcloud hashtags; UK hardcore, hardcore, rave and trackmaster music, and I love it. It’s the type of song Jon the Dentist might have wrote in the mid-nineties if he’d lost the concept of time signature down the back of his brain and accidentally typed in the number 165 on his electronic studio BPM tempo dial.

The lyrics were written in an Oxford field by Sven Väth in 1991. He failed to patent them and, unfortunately for him, they have been used on every vocal UK hardcore rave track since.

Away in the sunshine
Away in the sea
Away in the paradise
Where it’s just you and me


David Marston – The Jamaicalia EP
Released: 16 June, 2014 on Soul Clap Records

I went to school with a lad called Joe Marston in Walsall who had an older brother called David, so when I saw this record being scrunched through my letterbox, I smiled, felt nostalgic and then got properly fucking angry because I thought that a contemporary of mine’s brother from fifteen years ago had landed a record deal with Soul Clap Records whilst I’d only progressed to writing about dance music from a three bedroom HQ in Northolt.

After ten minutes of Google-searching and a Facebook investigation, imagine my relief when I found out that the David Marston who produced this brilliantly diverse soundscape of Brazilian, Tropicana and experimental world music was actually a handsome young man in Kingston, Jamaica, not an out-of-work welder who lives with his second wife and her three children in Pelsall. I allowed myself a chuckle, a seventh can of Red Stripe and a second listen to The Jamaicalia EP. Since writing this, I’ve listened to it about sixteen times. By the time this gets published, you can multiply that number by at least two.


Tupac – Picture Me Rollin’
Released: out now on Death Row Records

It’s not all dance, dance, dance, industrial dance, techno and dance with me. I also like listening to proper music like rap, hip-hop, gangsta rap, west coast rap and some east coast rap. I know he’s dead but I have to give mention to Picture Me Rollin’ by Tupac. This came on my iPod the other day and I had to perform a few rewinds. I hadn’t heard it for about seven and a half months and the crab-like percussion, self-important bassline, Danny Boy’s hush and the receipt of a vocal line that I can only describe as being smirked at knocked me about a bit, in a good way.

I think, if I had an AK-47 to my head, I’d have to choose Tupac over Biggie because you get the feeling that he really meant the stuff he was rapping about. Biggie had better skills and the best music but he was uglier, fatter and he fell short when it came to really believing him when he talked about getting off with women and getting into fights. I can’t help fall in love with the hate and hostility that Tupac could summon up in his recordings. Listen to the last minute and a half of Picture Me Rollin’ and you’ll get an idea – he sounds like a proper cunt. Also, listen to the whole of Hit ‘Em Up for an even clearer view of the passion, outright animosity and nerve of Tupac Shakur.