Etienne De Crecy's Top Parisian House Tunes Of The 90s

If you're talking about authorities, this guy is it. A list to get purists reminiscing and new-bloods shuffling...
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La Funk Mob - La Doctoresse

Hubert Boom Bass (aka la funk mob) was really inspiring for me. His music is always funky & badass & massive

Alex Gopher - The Child

In the 90's the scene wasn't obsessed by being efficient in clubs, there were a lot of productions for home listening

Alex Gopher wasn't a raver, but he caught the vibe of electronic music & brought it to sweetness

Air - Modular Mix - Etienne de Crecy remix

That was the first track ever i signed with my real name. Before this one i used pseudo like 'la chatte rouge' , 'Minos' etc.

Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda

Quintessence of what people will call 'French touch'. Its easy, funky & soooo cool !!

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke  -  Intro

This track was such a hit!! When the dance floor was starting to get tired, you just had to play this one to wake up everyone.

Jess & Crabbe - The Big Booya

House music with attitude! I always loved how this track is nasty.

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Chuck 'Venus' - Sunshine People (DJ Gregory Remix)

The 90's were very cool as the samplers were a new way to do music. We were really innocent; a funky loop and a beat was enough to have fun for hours. I love the freshness in this mix.

DJ Falcon and Thomas Baltanger - Together

The sound of this track was a mystery for me.  I spent hours listening to it & tried to understand how do they made such a massive sound...

Mr Oizo - Flat Beat

This track contain the past and the future of electronic music

Motorbass - Les Ondes

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