After The Gold Rush & 19 Other Suggestions For The New National Anthem

The people have spoken; the National Anthem needs changing. Here are your recommendations...
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So we're in agreement; God Save The Queen is to be scrapped and a new National Anthem put in place and while Dizzee Rascal won't be orchestrating the mass sing-along anytime soon, we asked for your suggestions as to what the nation should sing next time we clean up at the Olympics.

Archie Hartness Radiohead - National anthem from Kid A!

Darren Hillier The Divinyls - I Touch Myself

Steph Richards With the 'Lympics in mind how about After The Gold Rush by Neil Young.

Jason Barker God Save The Queen - The Sex Pistols

Mark Skinner Vacant - The Sex Pistols

James Gordon Wilson Jerusalem

James Cavanagh Remember You're A Womble

Scotty Daniels The theme to Thomas The Tank Engine

Steve McGhee Blur - Parklife

Mehall Cormachov Anything except dog shave our teen and jerusalem please! Britain needs to distance itself from its sordid past and religious BS.

Joe Hurdman New Order - Vanishing Point

John Paul McQue Jerusalem

Martin Quirk All You Need Is Love

Chris Roberts I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs

Gary ShakaBangers And Mash- Kunt And The Gang

Scott Turnbull Not fucking Wonderwall if last Sunday night was anything to go by!

Carl Purusram Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth

Carl Purusram We Are The Champions

Michael Halliwell CERN be the Monarch's Mate

Paul Brown Something - anything - by The Fall.

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