KEF MUO Wireless Speaker

100 things we love right now #69
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For a portable speaker this hasn't half got some chops. There are other reviews that'll give you the technical spec in proper audiophile lingo. I'm going to tell you how this has improved my life over the last week.

Don't be fooled by its size - KEF's wireless MUO is enough to power a house party - or at least a 'small-gathering-because-you've-had-a-heavy-few-weekends-and-you're-really-trying-to-save-money-this-month-except-you-all-know-deep-down-you'll-be-making-multiple-trips-to-the-offy-until-9am'.

It's a beautiful piece of kit. Made from aluminium and reassuringly heavy, this is a grown up speaker for people who know their Coltrane from their Gucci Mane. No toy shop plastic. Having it on your shelf immediately makes it look like you're into artisan pizza now instead of just Dominos.

The sound is weighty. Lie with it on the sofa next to you and you'll feel the bass kick you in the belly like a baby donkey. Superb for those who like their tunes to pack a punch, but even at low volume it's not going to send you off to sleep.

The MUO came into its own when I took it to the park. It's portable enough not to be a nuisance to carry around, but compared to the cacophony of people playing YouTube rips through their phones you're gonna roll through sounding like a 200 strong Brazilian samba procession. 

Cons? It's not cheap, coming in to the tune of £299. Having said that, we've used similar sized, but more affordable speakers, in the office before and this really does leave them in the dust. The MUO comes with our approval.