Liam Gallagher And Four Singers To Make Bloc Party More Interesting

Kele Okereke has finally called time on his career with Bloc Party. The band have promised to carry on however, and are going to be auditioning for new singers. They couldn't go far wrong with this lot...
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So, it's been inevitable for a while now, but Bloc Party and Kele Okereke have  finally parted ways, the singer claiming that he was not invited to new sessions and his former bandmates announcing that they would be auditioning new singers. Here's a few suggestions that might spice the London outfit up a bit:

1 - Liam Gallagher

Gallagher  jr. famously claimed in 2005 that Bloc Party reminded him of 'a band off University Challenge, like they're sitting on a panel.' With Beady Eye floundering however, and a Noel Gallagher album, which looks set to be a hit, on the horizon it's perhaps time that Liam reconsidered. He'd have to ditch the parka of course, and perhaps throw on some white jeans, but a tambourine would certainly bring a fresh angle to Bloc Party's technical production and neat, tidy beats.

2 -  Damien Abraham

He's the lead singer of a band called Fucked Up, he's the size of a small truck and his live performances are terrifying. Bloc Party, this is your man. Forget that shoe-gaze, shuffled dancing bollocks, you want a singer who's going to throw a few punches and whip his shirt off halfway through a set. Sure, Kele was alright, but he very rarely shared his sweaty armpits with the crowd.

3 - Julian Casablancas

Pretty much a like-for-like change this one, swapping one sulky indie darling of the early 00's for another. Casablancas' style wouldn't have to be altered a great deal, his singing would fit the band's songs and they're probably more than used to diva-esque strops and their singer disappearing for a few months at a time to work on lack-lustre solo projects.

4 - Gary Barlow

Perhaps we're misreading this altogether, maybe the remaining members of Bloc Party aren't dealing with the departure of their friend as well as it may seem. If this is indeed the case, they need a shoulder to cry on, a sort of 'dad of the band' if you will. Barlow's X Factor posturing doesn't fool us, he's desperate to get back on the road and what better way than with a fresh new line up? After 18 months of being pestered by Marc Owen and Robbie Williams, the shy, nervous boys of Bloc Party would be perfect.

5 -  David Bowie

Where on earth is David Bowie? Let's get him back, let's have him fronting Bloc Party. Sexually ambiguous, lithe and with questionable dancing ability, The Thin White Duke would be a fantastic replacement for Okereke, especially considering the departed singer has referred to a deep admiration for Bowie throughout his career. If he's going to leave, let's make this a proper salt in the wound effort.

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