Zeus-Busting Visions Review And Exclusive Album Stream

It's the second release from the Canadian rockers indebted to 70s riffs and melodies, and we've got a special stream of the album for you to have a listen to...
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If you close your eyes, crack open something cold and pop Zeus’s Busting Visions on your Ipod you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported back to the mid seventies, and ELO, Paul McCartney and T-Rex have somehow made an record all together. A big claim to make perhaps, but one listen to this second album from this Canadian four-piece and you’ll soon be wondering why you (probably) haven't heard of them before.

Opening number ‘Are You Gonna Waste My Time?’, is a spangly, harmonic, perfectly written piece of nostalgic pop rock that could have been on the Almost Famous soundtrack. The album carries on in much the same way though its entirety, with plenty of harmonies, hand clapping, and guitar riffs inspired equally by Psychadelica and Blues. It works.

Highlights on Busting Visions include ‘Messengers Way’ which is a Sergeant Pepper inspired, harmony driven, daydream starting, lead guitar showcasing jewel and the bluesy, soul baring ‘Hello Tender Love’, where one of the bands many front men purrs and howls out the benefits of having three talented lyricists/singers in the band: ‘Hello Tender Love, I’m on fire alone with you...choke love, keep the death burning with the stars above’. Wherever you look on the album, lyrics are thoughtful and often humorous, with each song offering something different through the bands use of three lead (count ‘em…) singers. Pianos twinkle throughout choruses; guitars are nicely driven with solos not used to excess, whilst drummer Rob Drake creates a perfect ambience with softly reverbing cymbals and a sharp snare.

Weak moments are hard to find on the album, though filler track ‘Proud and Beautiful’ seems an unnecessary afterthought amongst so many other well crafted and perfectly produced songs. ‘Stop the Train’, with its retro computer game noises and repetitive lyrics, is another slightly puzzling, almost novelty like moment compared to the rest of the album which, whilst entertaining, grates rather than grows on you….fans of Ringo Starr's song writing efforts may disagree here.

Overall however this is an album that is for muso’s everywhere as well as anyone looking for something a bit different. Well written, recorded and produced, Zeus have managed to nail the difficult second album with true style. A must.


Read the article and want to have a listen yourselves? We've got oursevles an exclusive UK stream of Busting Visions  below.  Check it out and enjoy.  The album is out now on Arts and Crafts/So Recordings.

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