Introducing...Mantras: New Psyche For The Hacienda Mindset

With influences stretching back to our greatest bands, four young lads from Brighton are angling to be the next in line...
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The composer Igor Stravinsky once said that “good musicians borrow, great artists steal”, and it’s a quote that’s given many acts justification for being watered down composites of their musical heroes. 

Mantras make no bones about the acts and eras they take their influence from, but fortunately it all comes together in a package that ensures they’re a band born with their own identity.

With the psychedelic squall of their guitars lapping at the edges of their echoed vocal harmonies, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t find a likeness between them and Kasabian.. But dig a little deeper and it’s the sound of the Hacienda, early Primal  Scream, and those two E-strung sharks of the rhythm section- Mani and Reni.

“What’s Your Story’ is the band’s debut single, and other than the fact they’re from Brighton they’re still an unknown quantity. The single was premiered by Fred Perry Subculture, and judging by the boy’s hair and threads, the two are are made for each other. Of course time will tell whether Mantras manage to scramble above the other gangs of lads influenced by British rock and roll’s great totems, but if ‘What’s Your Story’ is their opening shot, they look ready for the scrap.

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