Marvin Gaye's Cyborg Butler And Other RockNuggets

Every now and again a concept, woman or drug comes along that we just can't get enough of. The latest is RockNuggets, a veritable smorgasbord of rock n' roll facts that once you start reading, you just can't stop...
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When Marvin Gaye died in 1984, he left $3million to his state-of-the-art cyborg butler Mr Pickles. How do we know this? Well, thankfully we’re furnished with this information thanks to RockNuggets: the only internet resource dedicated to bringing you the stories the celebrities and their people try so hard to hide. But we don’t need to hack phones or grease the palms of greedy hangers-on, we simply let the truth come to us. Because of course, the truth as ‘they’ say, will always ‘out’. And where there’s a smoking gun, there’s also a prostrate Kurt Cobain.

So what is a RockNugget? Well, a RockNugget can be a tale of wild celebrity excess that far outweighs what we think we already know, or a even an embarrassingly milder version of an already perceived act of exaggerated legend that could ruin the ‘cred’ of a star. RockNuggets are those stories that the rock press dare not print, for fear of upsetting the finely balanced house of cards that PR has come to represent. But rest assured the good people of RockNuggets have no such concerns.

Did you know for instance that housewives’ favourite Coldplay were named after the masturbatory kink of numbing one's hand in the fridge door and then 'pretending that it's someone else'? Well you do now. Were you aware that Pete Townshend's Tommy suddenly became a deaf, dumb and blind kid, when Roger Daltrey demanded to be paid 'per line of script'? Startling isn’t it?

RockNuggets – You know a lot less than you think

August, 2007, Axl Rose kept a Guns N’ Roses audience in Chicago waiting, while he went to University for four years.


* He trades on his image as a romantic rebel. Yet in 1993, a 14-year-old Peter Doherty spent a year in the West End production of Cats, playing ginger tabby ‘Skimbleshanks’

* Asked by a pop magazine to name his most disgusting habit, Mick Hucknall replied: “It would have to be human trafficking.” [The quote was later omitted from the article].

* Known for their wild backstage 'rider' demands whilst on tour, Van Halen once cancelled a gig in Cairo in 1984, when the venue refused to supply David Lee Roth with a bespoke cigar, rolled with the crumbled skeleton of Ramesses II (the ancient ruler of Egypt between 1279 - 1213 BC).

* No wonder Jay-Z is so boastful. Did you know that he’s earning a whopping £140 a day as a professional rapper. Which means he's grossing a cool £36,000 per annum.

* August, 2007, Axl Rose kept a Guns N’ Roses audience in Chicago waiting, while he went to University for four years.

* What the 1977 autopsy on Elvis Presley didn’t reveal was that the dead King's stomach contained two sports socks and an undigested barn owl.

* KISS actually stands for 'Kids In Special Shoes'.

* For all his streetwise ways, UK grime artiste Wretch32 is actually fully-Corgi registered

* He may have been an alcoholic but it wasn’t drink that killed AC/DC’s Bon Scott. Scott died in 1980 after getting his tie caught in a printing press.

As a believer in the power of truth I think I’d like to read these revelations, but how can I get hold of RockNuggets before the CIA closes it down?” Good question. Simply type ‘rocknuggets’ into the Facebook search bar or follow our alerts on Twitter @rocknuggets1. We’ve only been alive online for a week, but we’ve been squirreling away the nuggets for years.

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