McBusted? Here's 10 Band/Pun Combos We'd Pay To See

Earth, Wind & Arcade Fire anyone?
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Just the thought of watching McBusted together on stage playing their 'hits' makes us reach for the butcher knife, especially as the name is one of the worst combinations ever shat out into the public consciousness. These though, are ace, add your own in the comments below.


Who wouldn't want to see Kurt Cobain attempting to walk like an Egytptian while smacked off his bonce?


Fuck Tha' Police in Scando accents? Eazy E freestyling on Rasputin? Amazing.

The Arctic Monkees

Let's face it, it wouldn't be that much different.

Boney M People

The worst band of all-time ever. Hands down.

Earth, Wind & Arcade Fire

Art rock meets disco? Guaranteed to see hordes of hipsters frothing at the teat at their inability to find a dance, or outfit, to suit.

Wu-Tang Clanson

Shaolin vs Mmm Bop, it's not going to end well for the popsters is it as they mistake bringing the ruckus for putting the bins out, forcing Raekwon to cook them for supper.

Slum Village People

A stripped-back Detroit rap version of YMCA? We can only dream.

New Kids on the Bloc Party

Depressing as hell, on various levels.

Oasister Sledge

We'd even accept the fat brother coming on stage for a rollicking version of of We Are Family, with riot shields, tear gas and broadswords for Noel and Liam.

Backstreet Boys II Men at Work

The ultimate trifecta performing a Motown Philly version of Down Under, with baggy jeans, terrible choruses and highlighted hair? Where do we sign up?


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