Miss Azealia Banks, 2011's Filthiest Female Rapper

She sacked off her record label, swears like a trooper, raps about oral sex while wearing Disney clothes and makes Rihanna look like a Nun...
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Hailing from Harlem, Banks was classically trained at Manhattan’s La Guardian School Of Performing Arts (a.k.a. the Fame School), however don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s a stage-school sweetheart- quite the opposite in fact.

Her favourite word is cunt, and soaraway viral track 212 is littered with it…

With comparisons to Nicki Minaj (who she is a massive fan of), Banks is labelled as a female rapper, but goes far beyond the barriers of the genre with her electro beats, indie image and razor sharp lyrics.

In the days where X Factor clones clutter the charts, Banks comes as a breath of (albeit totally filthy) air- not caring about offending anyone or conforming just to win fans.

She even gave up her first record deal with label XL because she didn’t like the direction they were taking with her music.

You soon realise this girl means business as she graphically describes oral sex- still with her toothy grin perfectly on show.

Deciding not to quit however, she chose to channel her anger into writing the super-sharp lyrics which occupy her tracks such as ‘212’ and ‘L8TR’ that caught the eyes of top music execs.

On the XL debate, she has a clear message to the label saying they look “fucking stupid right now, cause y’all don’t have Azealia Banks on your roster”. Compare that to one of Cowell’s protégés who whine or say they parted ‘amicably’ after he drops them like a ton of bricks and you’ll see why Azealia stands out from the crowd.

Considering she’s fairly young, the star is not short on confidence, saying:

“I’m fucking talented. Don’t disregard me cause I’ll be coming for your ass next.”

The catchy ‘212’ is an infectious dancenumber that sees Banks at her best and most filthiest- considering it had to be altered 40 times just to be allowed on the radio.

Thevideo (which went viral after its release) sees the star look almost angelic in her short-shorts and Disney attire, but you soon realise this girl means business as she graphically describes oral sex- still with her toothy grin perfectly on show.

The juxtaposition of her innocent face and filthy mouth makes for a winning combination and teamed with a simply shot video and dirty distorted-horn baseline makes for a delicious debut track that you will definitely be sticking on repeat.

Her cover of Interpol’s ‘Slow Hands’ has also won over critics- showing that she is not just a one-dimensional act.

Fellow popstrel Rihanna has been heavily criticized lately for her ‘sexed-up image, however if you thought revealing ‘Fuck You’ on a pair of shoes during a prime-time TV performance was edgy, you’re gonna have to prepare yourself for Miss Banks who quite frankly makes Ri-Ri look like a nun.

With hype surrounding the star and a host of celebrity fans including Katy B, Labrynth and Marina and the Diamonds jumping on board, it won’t be long until Banks becomes a household name.

Just make sure you get your Mother some ear plugs

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