Radio 6's Marc Riley On Meeting Paul McCartney In The Toilets

Did I ever tell you the time I met Paul McCartney in the men's loos of Abbey Rd studios?
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Me and some mates went to Abbey Rd for the remastering of Bowie’s ‘Ziggy  Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’ album with  its original producer, the lovely Ken Scott. It was already one of the greatest days of my life. Sat listening to Ziggy being broken down and reassembled. A fantastic honour. We went to the bar for a ‘break’ and I went to the loo. As I dried my hands (I had washed them - they were covered in my own urine) I was suddenly, unceremoniously  bundled off the hand drier by a shoulder charge. Being a well-known hard-man I obviously went  into ‘kill’ mode...until I turned round only to find my assailant was none other than... YER ACTUAL PAUL McCARTNEY. As I live and breathe! I had met him before (he was a guest on the afternoon show  on Radio 1 a coupla years before)...but he didnt’ remember me. I re-introduced myself and we continued the conversation in the bar for about 10 minutes. He’s a good man...if you hear otherwise disbelieve. And he was a Beatle...

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