New Band Of The Week #6- The Hummingbirds

With a sound rooted in the grandest of traditions, this Merseybeat band are filling stages from the Cavern Club to Oslo...
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The Liverpool area has always been a hotbed of musical creativity. It gave the world The Beatles, after all.  But we’ve also been blessed with the likes of Gerry and the Pacemakers, OMD, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Farm, Cast, Gomez and The Zutons.

Well, now I would like to add a new name to the list: The Hummingbirds. A six-piece bringing the Merseybeat sound back to life, but with a 21st century kick. Seeing them live, with their inter-song banter, private jokes; at times it’s like looking at a Beatles concert on film. They have the on-stage craft, the off-stage charisma, and their tunes aren’t that bad either. A quick browse of YouTube will provide you with enough enjoyment to last you all night (once you sift out the tunes from the ‘other Hummingbirds’, an 80’s Australian band who happened to pick the name first).

From the melodies of ‘Back In Liverpool’ to the vocal harmony extravaganza of ‘Tonight’ and on to the knees-up foot stomper ‘Bankrupt Blues’, these guys know how to play. And those are just the older tunes. There are new songs being premiered and performed almost on a weekly basis – so much so that the current EP, ‘The Hummingbirds’,  is merely the tip of the iceberg. Just five tracks, plus a reprise, which encapsulate an ever-evolving band in what is hopefully just the beginning of a lengthy career.

They’ve played The Cavern Club in Liverpool, they’ve supported Cast at two successive sell-out Christmas shows (the first of which was how I discovered them), and they’ve played all over the UK. Hell, as I write this, they are no doubt blowing away crowds in Norway.

If you check their website,, you can check their upcoming shows, have a look at their pictures, and even buy the current EP in various formats (including old-skool vinyl).