New Music Mix: Five Acts You Need In Your Life

And not a Christmas song in sight...
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Starting with a twee acoustic strum, the beat picks up in ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ and skews us into the bones of a Simon and Garfunkelian fairytale. Lovely.

The Love Theme

Dominic Owen, AKA The Love Theme has dropped a true smoove number, and ‘Tomorrow’ has echoes of what made Moby, The Orb and Portishead so timeless

 It’s one for giggly, kitchen chats after the club or, conversely, something to coax you back to the land of tea and pizza when you’re up the next afternoon.

Barns Courtney - Goodbye John Smith

A Tom Waits comparison is the cross to bear for every male singer-songwriter with a deep baritone, so Barns might as well get used to that. In reality, this piano ballad hovers somewhere between Waits, Tom O’Dell and Carl Barat’s more tender moments (the latter perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as Barns and he have written together). Anyway, it’s very pretty and with supports sets with The Libertines and Ed Sheeran behind him, and one with The Who coming up. you sense he won’t be ‘new’ that much longer.

The Honey Ants

Warm and cozy with southern-soul oozing out its bones, this is exactly what I want with my eggnog. The Honey Ants latest single ‘Lies’ is a deftly touching Americana-tinged ballad that has been lolling me in and out of consciousness for hours (not actually, but you get what I mean).


Hugh’s sound is a unique but captivating marriage of The XX, London Grammar and King Krule. Delivering seemingly-effortless spoken word vocals from Joshua Idehen and atmospheric tones from Izzy Brooks, the London quartet exhibit their own distinct style, standing out in the ever-growing world of spoken word artists.

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