New Music Mix: Five Acts You Need In Your Life

Whether it's twisted new genres or old Prodigy beats, we've got your music for this month covered...
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Picture c.o RDGLDGRN

Picture c.o RDGLDGRN


RDGLDGRN. Red, Gold, Green. Whichever way you see it, this trio are fun, slick and a portal into the future. Taking inspiration from garage rock, Washington D.C. go-go funk, R&B and hip-hop, RDGLDGRN's amalgamation of genres creates something new and as-yet-unheard.

The inescapable hit ‘Runnin Away’ features Green’s no-nonsense, hard-hitting bars, which exude realness: “Quit my day job, poverty jus' ain't me, cops shootin' at our ass on any known street”. Their tracks ooze Haitian festival sounds- think a cocktail of  Kendrick Lamar, Willy Moon, Darwin Deez and M.I.A.

Palace Winter

The cross-continental duo Palace Winter are onto big things. Their dreamy vocals, lazy riffs and synths echo the sounds of The Vaccines, Mumford and Sons and, especially on their leading track ‘Menton’,  The Maccabees.

Check out their EP ‘Medication,’   available from October 2, 2015.

Cristobal and the Sea

Uplifting, vibrant and loud, Cristobal are exactly what you want on one of those days where you just need a couple Pina Coladas and a life-long break in Hawaii. They have a mysterious bo-ho sound, and in their latest single ‘Fish Eye’ we go from nonchalant Scandi-sounds to ukuleles, flutes and rustic coconut drums (not a real thing) within 30 seconds.


If you were to combine Brandon Flowers, Caleb Followill and Justin Vernon, you might get something akin to David Transberg and Simon Hagström Rennerstedt's shared lead vocals in this genius new band.

Their latest track ‘Robot’ was produced in a chaotic environment, where they pieced the track together over a matter of hours and completely finished it in a few days. As they sing in the song themselves, “Those moments can be a bit tough but also fantastic.” 

Kenton Slash Demon

KSD are another product of Copenhagen’s ever-growing club scene, producing material suitable for either intimate house party or a full superclub ho-down.

KSD’s standout track ‘Harpe’ has racked up well over 100k listens on SoundCloud, and nostalgically leans on the good beats of early Prodigy.

Throughout the rest of the 8-minute-long tune, we get vibes of oldskool ravers at Ibiza hideouts, 12” vinyls and the idea this is where club music should be heading – back with its roots. 

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