New Order Live In NYC: Visually And Musically Stunning

It's been seven long years since they last played in the apple and based on this performance I can only hope they don't leave it as long again...
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“Just being able to see New Order live in itself is amazing, let alone the fact they sound phenomenal.” So said my friend as the start of Ceremony played out to an absolutely packed Roseland Ballroom in New York. It has been seven years since their last performance in a city so responsible for their sound. It was on the steps of a New York club where Bernard Sumner, casting an eye over the dance floor had the thought of: “Wouldn’t it be great if they were dancing to us?”

This tour saw the return of founding New Order member Gillian Gilbert and the addition of Tom Chapman replacing Peter Hook. One in, one out. Gilbert’s return greeted with huge cheers on her introduction and the regular stage spotlight Chapman had during solo’s sent a clear message that he is the new man on bass.

Phil Cunningham, who originally replaced the departing Gilbert, remains alongside founding members Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner. Morris was brilliant all night and Sumner’s voice can still more than cut it live. Together they did a great job. Crisp, solid and well timed all night. The quality on display made all the more impressive since the venue is not known for strong acoustics.

Apart from the ace sound, New Order were stood in front of a particularly excellent set of visuals with each song perfectly set to the corresponding video on the screen. Highlights of which being a movie trailer style for Love Vigilantes and reoccurring shots of the New York skyline, that obviously go down pretty well in this part of the world.

The start of Ceremony played out to an absolutely packed Roseland Ballroom in New York. It has been seven years since their last performance in a city so responsible for their sound

Yet it was the songs that they delivered best. With the key foundation being the flow of the set list. Starting off with five upbeat classics (Crystal, Ceremony, Age of Consent, Love Vigilantes, Here to Stay) they had the crowd bouncing. They then slowed it down with Your Silent Face only to gradually build the crowd up again over the last nine songs. Ending with the peak of the night as Temptation brought the house down, clearly being the most popular and best received song of the night. It was plain to see that New Order know what they are doing.

Everyone would have gone home happy at that point but as the band returned to the stage for an encore an expectant crowd were delighted to hear Sumner tell how he considers it to be “discourteous to end the set without playing a Joy Division song.” The buzzing Roseland got two. A perfectly delivered Atmosphere, accompanied by images of Ian Curtis on the big screen and Love Will Tear Us Apart ending a great near two hour set from the band.

The guy I know that paid $150 off a tout to find out it was a fake ticket, before paying the same again off another tout, only be kicked out of the place before New Order came on really missed out. Poor fella. Though I hope it won’t be another seven years till the next time New Order return.

Set list




Age of Consent

Love Vigilantes

Here to Stay

Your Silent Face


Close Range

Bizarre Love Triangle

5 8 6

True Faith

The Perfect Kiss

Blue Monday




Love Will Tear Us Apart

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