New Rapper Of The Week #2: Dee$y

Put Drake on blast and check out some real Canadian hip-hop - a raspy voice, great production and not a whining autotuned chorus in earshot...
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Given what you usually hear from Canadian rap, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the world's second largest country's hip-hop output was limited to just Drake - one single, whining pair of eyebrows, ingesting some of the industry's best beats and churning out homogenised sludge like an Acme sludge-homogeniser that a million women inexplicably wanna bone.

Thankfully, however, you only need to spend a few hours on SoundCloud to find yourself some respite and Dee$y - aka Winnipeg rhymer Dylan Aquino - is leading the charge. Riding with refreshing-raw verve through peak examples of the bass-driven boom-bap that dominates modern alternative rap from 21-year-old producer S0ul Unreal, the enigmatic Dee$y's rasp belies his age, possessing gravitas in spades and the rapper speaks with fluid urgency even if his bars lack a bit world-weary eloquence. That'll soon come.

His Jive Records-baiting release 'Midnight Marauder' is out soon - whenever that'll be. In rap parlance, 'soon' means any time from right now to the end of recorded time. For now, I'm happy to wait.

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