New Rapper Of The Week #4: Troy Ave

Our misleadingly titled not-very-weekly profile of a rapper you need to be listening to is back. It was worth the wait.
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Troy Ave is the prototypical and classic idea of what a New York rap artist is meant to sound like. Recently New York rappers have been accused of trying to sound southern, but Troy Ave is as Brooklyn as it comes. Like Jay-Z, Cam’Ron, 50 Cent and others the raspy artist used to sell his share of drugs. And like his predecessors, Troy Ave, B$B Records leader, makes those dope dealing ventures a theme of his music tastefully. If you miss the “old 50 Cent” the 28 year old will give you what you’re looking for. They are really strikingly similar.

Despite his braggadocio and focus on drug dealing, Troy Ave is much more of a storyteller than that. In that sense he's more akin to Jay-Z than 50 Cent. On one of his slowest and most introspective songs to date “Me Against the World”, he explains his rational for selling drugs “Go to school, or go out and mob/I know people with they diploma who ain’t got a job.”

The 28 year-old has quickly racked up some very respectable cosigns. On his debut album (which is free), New York City: The Album ,Troy Avenue got feature help from Raekwon, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, N.O.R.E. (These three legends are all on the title track), Tony Yayo, and Pusha T. In addition to that he’s worked with Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, and Action Bronson

How many Facebook likes does his page have? 2,648. With anthems like “Show me Love” climbing up the charts, that number is sure to multiply quickly. He recently made the XXL 2014 freshman roster, and he did so without selling out even a little bit.


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