Nice Nice Baby - Why Hinds Will be Your Favourite New Band

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There's a lack of "nice" in the music sphere. Most bands and artists adopt a superfluous veil of blasé nonchalance replying to most interviewers questions. "I don't think it's important to the artistry to talk about that." Or a "hmmm maybe who knows," before giggling whilst staring at their own feet. Failing that a cocksure overambitious sense of self worth "I'm not the new Liam Gallagher, I'm the only me!" they shout after selling out a few under-18 club nights. Artists, when they start out, are incredibly conscious of how they are perceived by the press and public. So obviously insecurity manifests itself twofold when in the public eye. So to navigate through that and just be yourself in any given situation is refreshing and something to be admired. 

Hinds, an all girl Spanish band from Madrid, are all about the "nice." Well...not intentionally of course. No one sets out to be a good or bad person in life, experience just slowly moulds you that way. But just from the way they behave, talk, write music and act in interviews it seems that Hinds are deep down, really deep down, believe it or not, normal and...wait for it...actually nice. 

They look fun, approachable and happy. They nearly burst into tears with excitement in a recent Nardwuar interview, when they are handed a signed Strokes poster. I want to hang out with them, see what they do outside of music. Grab a pint with them, see what type of takeaway they eat before calling a taxi home. I want them to be my mates. (It also helps that they're all exceedingly attractive.) 

They used to be called Deers. Now they're called Hinds (female deer). They write fun, energetic, feel-good tunes. They were the first Spanish band to play the main stage at Glastonbury. They haven't even released their first album. 

Their music is a cross between The Velvet Underground and Wavves. Add a hint of Iberian passion and a splash of chimerical guitar. All backed up with a genuine knack for writing catchy pop songs and I think they're onto a winner. And so will you, if you choose to invest you're time into them. 

So go on, grab a can of Estrella Damm and make pals with Hinds.

Their debut album Leave Me Alone will be released on January 8, 2016, through Lucky Number.

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