Noel Gallagher Live: The Coolest Dad And Daughter Date In America

Me and my 11-year-old daughter headed to Philly for her first ever gig to see how Noel shaped up as a solo artist. He was brilliant, she loved it and both of our spirits soared...
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Bit weird getting tickets, umed and arhed for a few days. Best seats available turned up restricted views and balconies. Wasn't familiar with the venue and the floor plan was a bit misleading. Possibly the most beautiful venue I have ever been to and the sound was fantastic. Wednesday morning clicked on the Kimmel Center website and up come two tickets for row CC right in the middle on the parquet floor, about 6 rows from the front. I'm not sure how stuff like that happens but this time I was the one who got lucky so I guess after all those times when I can't get tickets this was a bit of karma.

My daughter's 11 and loves Oasis and Noel's new album. I've long promised her I'd take her should he tour. Got  a bit of grief off the wife, though not as much as I expected,  as the kids had a basketball game rescheduled last minute for Saturday at 9 - they won, she grabbed a rebound and scored. Karma. Anyway, we drove down from Central Jersey, got parked up just across the block and straight in. Missed the support.  Got her her T-shirt and basked in the glow of watching my first born at her first ever gig. Worth a million dollars that look on her face, beautiful kid, my little hippie with her shaggy hair, big eyes, her broken cross peace sign t-shirt and jeans.  Didn't have time for a drink before the lights flashed meaning the band would be on stage pronto. Just a joy to watch her as we walked closer and closer to the front, the red jacketed usher flash light in hand. Great, great seats, bit of a result, had a quick look around at just how impressive a venue it was. I honestly can't think of anywhere that comes close, not that I've been to anyway. Noel asked if anyone had been to the Albert Hall when commenting on the venue.


I think this is the correct set list - not sure as I'm more a track three 2nd album's my fav type of guy than actually remembering the titles.

(It's Good) To Be Free

Mucky Fingers

Everybody's On The Run

Dream On

If I Had A Gun

The Good Rebel

The Death Of You And Me

Freaky Teeth



(I Wanna Live in a Dream in My) Record Machine

AKA... What a Life!

Talk Tonight

Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks

AKA... Broken Arrow

Half The World Away

(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach

Little By Little

The Importance of Being Idle

Don't Look Back In Anger

Anyway, she loved it, I loved it, it was one of those moments where your kid and you just connect perfectly. You're sharing something and no one else is in on it, even if there are a couple of thousand smiling, singing people stood around you.

Highlights? Where do you start? What a Life dedicated to Joe Frazier - that adopted son of Philly and total legend who just passed away - nice touch, best song on the album for me. The Death of You and Me with some excellent, almost off key, piano playing serving proxy for the horns on the recorded version. An epic acoustic Supersonic. If I had a gun, I love that, 'My eyes.' line. The new Stop The Clocks is very good too. The sound throughout the gig was second to none, really, really good.

Noel entered into the obligatory banter with the crowd, 'You're welcome. You paid, you're welcome.' A long chat with some one who'd named their son after him. Mad. And got a few laughs while introducing the band, complete with Americans! Good heavens!

After the initial euphoria my daughter started to flag, the rush been over taken by the hour of night. She had a sit down, a gent in front of us offered me ear plugs for her, cheers mate, really nice of you, class act. I had a pair for her but in the excitement I'd forgotten to offer her them. It was loud, it's rock 'n' roll, it's meant to be. She put the ear plugs in. She bucked up a bit but you know what it's like when you're a kid, you're tired, you're tired. I got her a vodka and Red Bull. I made that bit up. She did great. We laughed at the guy up in the balcony dancing like a loon, we named him The One Man Party . Great stuff, he was having a ball. Got to say the whole crowd looked happy. Noel seems more chilled than in his former band and he's giving off a good vibe that, arh sod that, Philly crowds are just so damn good compared to the New York crowds. They know how to have fun. Best clothes on and go for it. New York's too uptight, look at me, scared to have fun. Too cool to let go.

An hour and 15 minutes into it we made our exit. Yeah, I'd never have contemplated leaving if I'd gone with my mates but I hadn't, I'd gone with one of my absolute best mates and she was beat and it didn't matter, 'cause we'd had fun. Your first ever gig, Noel's first solo American gig, alright! And you're 11, double alright! With the glam rock sounds of The Wrong Beach ringing in our ears we ducked out the back. I gave her a hug, told her I'd had a blast going on the coolest Dad and daughter date and reassured her that leaving early didn't matter. It didn't, it doesn't and it never will 'cause life's about quality not quantity isn't it.

If I wasn't working I'd go to The Beacon next week but I know it wouldn't be as special a gig as this one. How could it be on a school night, without my best pal? But Noel, Noel's the guy it's cool to knock, he's old by pop standards and he's an easy target. He's not trendy, his music isn't revolutionary and it doesn't really fit with what the hip kids are down with these days. Doesn't matter. He writes good melodies, catchy songs that get inside your head and, just like his fans, he's happy with his position in the bigger scheme of things.

So we missed Don't Look Back In Anger, Little By Little and family fav The Importance of Being Idle but that's alright. We had a ball, and bought the T-Shirt.

Last word goes to our Amelia, 'Honestly, I thought he might be one of those people who might not be too good live but when I heard him my spirits were soaring as he's just so good.' You can't really ask for much more than that from a gig can you?

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