One Pound Fish: Britain's Answer to PSY Just Signed With Warner

Remember the one pound fish guy? Well "Very, very good, one pound fish!" will be something you'll never be able to forget soon, as Warner just signed the Upton Park market trader to release his song as a proper single! He's aiming for Xmas number 1...
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A few months back, "one pound one fish" became the annoying but hilarious makeshift anthem of the summer. Sang by market trader Muhammad Shahid Nazir at Upton Park, we all but forgot about his fish selling technique tune. Recently though, he's been picked up by Warner no less, and is trying to get a Christmas number one with his fishy anthem. So how did this infectious song get so popular?

"On my first day at the market my boss said 'You have to shout'," Nazir told the Evening Standard. "At first I sung 'One pound fish', straight from my head. The next day I added 'Come on ladies'."

Good luck Nazir, it beats X-Factor that's for sure!