Passarella Death Squad

From watches to T-shirts and now an album. It's clear that Passarella Death Sqaud have their fingers in many pies.
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Clothes designers or band, take your pick. Passarella Death Squad, possibly named after the great Argentinian former centre half and manager, claim to be both. Famed for their T-shirts, they've recently collaborated with Casio to create their own range of G-Shock watches, but they've decided it's time to commit their talents to vinyl (well CD but that doesn't sound as good).

The album, released on The Republic Of Desire Recordings is available with an exclusive 'Nightclubbing' t-shirt, available in either black or white. As ever with Passarella's T-shirts, the fabric used is sourced in Japan and then constructed in London. The album is engineered by Tim Holmes of Death in Vegas fame and the artwork is by M/M Paris, who have created artwork for the likes of Bjork and Balenciaga.

It's been described as Marlene Dietrich meets Cocteau Twins and Vice magazine recently reviewed the album 9 out of 10 saying: "Crepuscular drones and vampish moans from this exotic trio whose debut set the tone for those S&M soirees you're always thinking about hosting." Now I've no idea what 'crepuscular' means but I'd say think Ertha Kitt in a bathroom with a drum machine.

If this sounds like your thing then you can pick the album , and T-shirt up from the likes of Colette, Seven New York, Darklands Berlin, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, The End.