PINS: The Soundtrack To Our Wild Nights

The Manchester four piece select the top tracks that get them out the door and on the floor...
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Photo C/O Jackson Joshua

Photo C/O Jackson Joshua

Life is full of fleeting moments: our new album Wild Nights is about recognising and enjoying these moments; it's about living for today and feeling alive. We shared a lot of wild nights whilst making our new album and here are some of the songs that soundtracked the party...

1. Velvet Underground & Nico - All Tomorrow's Parties

We are forever referencing Velvet Underground especially when we are recording. I think the entire Velvet Underground & Nico album is an all-round favourite for everyone in the band. It's so hypnotising and trippy.

2. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick

Favourite Mudhoney song! Perfect pre-gig-getting-hyped music.

Modern Lovers - Roadrunners

This song is a reminder of our time recording the record in the desert, a roadrunner named Buddy would visit the studio each day looking for food and love.

4. Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die

Our friends Abjects do a perfect cover of this song. Much like many of the songs on Wild Nights it focuses on the brevity of life.

5. Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her

This is a great song to hear right before you go on stage to make you feel like a superhero. We've had it as our walk on music a couple of times.

6. Animals - It's My Life

'It's my life and I'll so what I want' - what else is there to say.

7. David Bowie - Rebel Rebel

'Rebel rebel, you've torn your dress. Rebel rebel, your face is a mess.' Sounds just like PINS at the end of the night. Hopefully still looking as glamorous and fabulous as Bowie

8. Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

We are riot grrrls at heart and rebels by nature.

9. Deap Vally - Walk of Shame

Deap Vally are our pals - we've played some shows with them and they were our fabulous tour guides when we were staying in L.A. We're all about the Walk of Pride.

10. The Troggs - Wild Thing

C'mon. It's a classic.

Wild Nights is out on Bella Union on 15th June. You can pre-order it here, here, and here