Primal Scream's Chaosmosis: Half Dancefloor, Half Comedown

100 things we love right now #84
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Opening with the Screamadelica throwback Trippin’ On Your Love, then charging head long into Miike Snow territory with (Feeling Like A) Demon Again, Chaosmosis could well be the first great album of 2016. The Scream have pulled off a clever trick here, putting out an album that’s at once Sunday morning come down and yet upbeat and extremely danceable. It’s a great (synth) pop album with one curve-ball of a tune thrown in; the hard edged When The Blackout Meets The Fallout, which wouldn’t sound out of place on 2000’s XTRMNTR album.

The lead single Where The Light Gets In features guest vocals from Sky Ferreira; a savvy collaboration that works well and could expose Primal Scream to a new, younger audience. Carnival Of Fools has piano and keyboard riffs that put me in mind of Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel circa Mister Soft, having it out with Modest Mouse circa Float On. I am quite prepared to accept that I am probably the only reviewer who hears it this way! Throw in a bit of saxophone that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Roxy Music album, some gospel style Hallelujahs, the obligatory Stones references and once again Primal Scream have appropriated many different styles and made something that’s completely their own.

Did I mention the Serge Gainsbourg meets Marvin Gaye Uptown mash up that is I Can Change yet? I didn’t? They should have held off until July as it has all the hallmarks of one of those tunes that defines a summer.

Have a listen.