Quinn Kyle: 50 Songs I Love

The San Franciscan producer's free EP The Fallout is out now and here he chooses his 50 favourite songs ever, featuring Mayer Hawthorne and Velvet Underground...
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1. Lo Lindora - Kodak To Graph
Tropical mid-tempo hip hop instrumental track, feels like the intro to lion king on psychedelics.

2. Final Home(Piano Mix) - DJ Krush featuring Esthero
Minimal and sparse trip hop instrumental highlighting the torch singer-esque
vocals of Esthero.

3. Pass That Shit - DJ Rashad
A warped vocal sample surrounded by a dark & moody atmosphere and southern influenced drums.

4. Fresh Flowers Ahead - Kona Triangle
Odd slushy drums, they sound like they are vomiting, the melodic
elements and leads are amazing.

5. I Wish It Would Rain - Mayer Hawthorne
White guys got soul too.

6. Avril 14th-Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin most calm and (structurally) least spontaneous song manages to be mine and most people's favourite.

7. Liebstraume - Franz Listz
A track I found while borrowing one of those "100 world's greatest melodies" compilations from a library.

8. Intimate Friends - Eddie Kendricks
Downtempo soul track provided by former member of the Temptations, sampled by Alicia keys, Drake, Common, Erykah Badu, the list goes on.

9. Say Yes - Floetry
Deep soulful chords, excellent build up.

10. Crazy Over You - Bullion
An unorthodox track combining a sappy 80's Fleetwood vocal and some hungarian dudes electronic sounding horn, very well done .

11. Someone To Call My Lover(Giraffage Remix) - Janet Jackson
Giraffage uses drums that sound like they came from a fruity loops stock package, but makes them work for the track.

12. At The River - Groove Armada
Slow build up to chorus but the incorporation of the Patti Page sample climaxes the song perfectly.

13. Manhattan - Blossom Dearie
Very atmospheric and dream like minimalist piano and vocal jazz track.

14. It Started All Over Again - Frank Sinatra
Nostalgic jazz track, sounds like it could be the intro theme to the Parent Trap.

15. Inside My Love - Minnie Riperton
Minnie > Mariah.

16. In The Mood - Tyrone Davis
One of my favorite voices from the 70's soul era.

17. Anywayz - Esthero
A great cinematic track from a undervalued album from the trip-hop music wave.

18. Sugar Water - Cibo Matto
Trippy simple song by this Japanese duo with a good video to accompany it

19. A Ring - Towa Tei
Very creative use of a movie sample to create a stuttering chorus.

20. Girl Talk - Julie London
Very stylistic and good use of the brass section.

21. Strangers On A Train - Loveage
A  Dan the Automator produced, neo-noir inspired track with an erotic novel type of overtone.

22. Over - Portishead
Dark and bleak instrumental with sullen vocals provided by Beth,

23. Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bahaus
Minimalist gothic industrial track with great atmosphere, vocals don't come until the song is near half over however.

24. LBLB Detroit - Jimmy Edgar
The drums and stuttering percussion and chords are reminiscent of a 90's R&B song on this futuristic track.

25. On A Clear Day - The Peddlers
Nostalgic track, used on some Breaking Bad Episode.


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26. Use Your Heart - SWV
R&B track featuring Pharrell's early production.

27. Drumheller - Caribou
Excellent use of a reversed sample on this minimalist track.

28. Endlessly - Lone
Summer instrumental with hypnotic kaleidoscopic synths and hard drums.

29. Slow Sex - EL-P
Unorthodox track particularly for El-P, very spacious and slow moving.

30. You Caught Me Smilin' - Sly & The Family Stone
Fun funk-soul track with occasional wailing.

31. Pillow Talk - Sylvia
Soulful midtempo groove, melodic strings, sexy shyt.

32. Girl Let Me Touch You There - Dr. Octagon
Laid back hypnotic beat provided by Dan The Automator, ridiculous over the top lyrics provided by Kool Keith.

33. Ball & Biscuit - White Stripes
Easily one of White Stripes' best tracks, Jack's non-sequitur lyrics are abstract if not nonsensical, yet sounds more sure of himself than ever .

34. Didn't I - Darondo
Excellent falsettos and soulful harmonies, by this SF-native .

35. How Insensitive - Astrud Gilberto
Bossa Nova music goes with everything.

36. Threads - Portishead
Film noir inspired atmosphere very desolate and stark instrumentation.

37. Honestly - Blue Sky Black Death
Could listen to this piano loop for days, although not to fond of the later half of the track.

38. Me & Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul
Powerful voice, good build up on the chorus.

39. That's The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
Low-key and sexy midtempo spacious song.

40. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) - Pixies
Surf rock gone dark.

41. Call Me - Aretha Franklin
Soul track that really highlights Aretha's voice, later used by Kanye West for his track "Selfish".

42. Oxycontin - EL-P feat Central Services
Minimalist tongue and cheek lo-fi faux garage rock track produced by EL-P using mainly by sample sources.

43. Bitch I'm Lugubrious - Lil Ugly Mane
A favorite just by name alone.

44. Family Affair - Sly & The Family Stone
Sly's picturesque lyrics combined with the mellow groove on this creates a reflective "down memory lane" atmosphere.

45. Good Times Roll Pt.2 - RJD2
A faux-funk soul track done collage style track by combing samples from various sources.

46. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
Simple psychedelic song carried by a hypnotic guitar riff, and Lou's melancholy vocals.

47. We Tried - The Drums
Favourite song from their self-titled LP.

48. Prototype - Outkast
Highlight track from the Love Below

49. War Of The Hearts - Sade
Down to earth moody track comparing relationship power dynamics to war by sad girl Sade.

50. Hiraethus - Daedelus
Probably the most simple track by the sample virtuoso, but one of the more memorable in
his catalogue.

Quinn Kyle's EP The Fallout is available now on a free download on Shifty Rhythms.