Sabotage Playlist: 12 New Tracks You Need To Hear This Week

Liverpool's best band, Daft Punk meets G-Funk, and synth-pop that's actually good, here's the Sabotage team's favourite tracks this week...
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Chloe Leone - Jamaica 

It's only a minute long and still sounds like a demo, but my word, what a talent this girl is. There's pure soul in that voice and she obviously knows her way around a melody. Well excited to hear what she's gonna come up with next. Kelela and Night Slugs have perfectly proven over the last year just how far a vocalist can excel with the right production team. There's someone out there now who needs to be on this right now.

Tom Armstrong: @tomdisco

Circa Waves - "Stuck In My Teeth"

Liverpool's brightest young hopefuls are back with their latest offering 'Stuck In My Teeth'. The three minute slice of indie pop harks back to everything you loved about the Garage Rock revival of yesteryear, whilst simultaneously giving two fingers to the notion that guitar music in Britain has become stale. And just in time for the sunshine too.

Dan Alani - @danalani

tUne-yArDs - "Water Fountain"

Merrill Garbus, aka tUnE-yArDs, found critical adoration easy to come by with her WHOKILL album released in 2011.

‘Water Fountain’ is the first single from its follow-up Nikki Nack , and proves that soon Garbus will be soon be up there in the M.I.A bracket of uncompromisingly crackers female soloists.   This song is pure joy, with African drum rhythms and a handclaps ensuring it makes an easy transition from pop tune to nursery rhyme via hip-hop banger.

David Hillier - @gobshout

Blu - "The West"

Oh god it's good to have Blu back. Oh okay, sure, he had Blu York last year but that was recording in 2011 but the Los Angeles rhymer never really came good on the promise of his Exile collab, Below The Heavens, settling for a few half-arsed features and internet infamy. Now, on the ace "The West", released by Nature Sounds, Blu sounds back to his best - hungry and a bit of spit to his steady flow over a laid-back beat with bass that'll kill half-arsed speakers. His new double-album Good To Be Home is out in May - despite the promise, I'll believe it when I see it.

Sam Diss - @samdiss

Jacques Greene - "No Excuse"

After treating us to breathtaking remixes of Ciara and Sampha last year, Jacques Greene has announced Phantom Vibrate, a new solo EP due out next month. This first taste, a gorgeous mix of frantic drums, foggy synths and captivating vocals, is yet another example of why he's one of the most exciting producers around.

Daniel Anwar - @dan_anwar

Jaws - Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

B-Town? Surf Pop? Who cares when it sounds this good!

Jaws have gone a little Bombay Bicycle Club on us with this latest offering, but they pull it off really well, if the upcoming debut album is as good as this then we're in for a treat

David Handley-@DavidHandley

Native Birds - "I Drink Therefore I Am"

This (as yet) unsigned North London four-piece make you imagine Bloc Party singing in the style of Bill Murray. That can only be a good thing.

Tim Brown - @sockformation

The War on Drugs - "Red Eyes"

I must confess, I've totally slept on this band, but am glad I indulged my curiosity with their new record. It's all the pop and bombast of Springsteen and Dire Straits, combined with the melancholy of My Morning Jacket and The Cure. Bit of Jackson Browne thrown in for good measure, and sure to feature highly on a few end of year lists.

Harry Harris - @CmonHarris

Thandiwe Phoenix - "Booze & Boys"

If we're being picky, this isn't actually a new track but it's certainly a new name to me. Australian singer Thandiwe thankfully shows little of her Antipodean roots and recalls more of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu - which is totally fine by me. A super-cool voice over a bouncy production from Sydney beatmaker TruthBeHeard make this one equally perfect for getting half-cut to at a barbecue and getting considerably more than half-cut to one a dancefloor but try finding a club cool enough to play some Thandiwe Phoenix that isn't full of wankers and I'll give you a fiver.

Sam Diss - @SamDiss

Molly Beanland - "Real Life"

Proving that the revived appetite for big synthy pop did not die with the inexplicably popular Chvrches, this tune from London’s is a grouchy little thing that threatens to turn into ‘Sweet Dreams’, but in reality is closer to ‘Running Up That Hill’. As ripe for remixes as it is candlelit bedrooms.

David Hillier - @gobshout

Zara McFarlane - Open Heart (Swindle remix)

There are some remixes that leave nothing to the imagination. This one, on the other hand, keeps you guessing. The smooth-as fuck vocal that intertwines with funky flute lines (yes, flutes) and sporadic drum crashes; you're just never quite sure where it's going to go. It's a beautiful surprise

100s - "Ten Freaky Hoes"

With a roster including founder A-Trak, Danny Brown, Run the Jewels and Chromeo, Fool's Gold Records are consistently releasing greatness. Next up is 100s, a West Coast rapper whose music makes up for that moniker. His style is described as "Daft Punk gone G-Funk" on the label's Soundcloud, and it actually manages to live up to that bold claim.

Daniel Anwar - @dan_anwar