Sabotage Playlist: 9 Of The Best Tracks This Week

From the sound of Prince's spawn, a Chance The Rapper remix or a belter from Tru Thoughts, here's where's what we've been all over this week...
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Trying to find new music these days is a bit like walking down Brick Lane for a curry. Everybody is falling over themselves to tell you about their shit, shoving flyers in your hand, screaming numbers in your ears. It makes you want to curl up into the fetal position. Every week there's a dozen 'new' somebodies. An entire musical subculture can happen while you were on a long weekend in the Cotswolds. Anyway, it's our job to filter through it all and give you our recommendations, so here they are....

Acrobat. - "Invincible"

This refreshing London-based four piece make contagious, new wave pop with funk sensibilities, barring any of the immune battering side effects. Sparing the grisly image, if Duran Duran, Talking Heads and Pop Group had a steamy threesome, this would have been its love child. Expect to see Acrobat packing out festival tents with their infectious sound in the near future.

Alexander Gillespie@alexgillespie_

Mapei - "Don't Wait (Remix) feat. Chance the Rapper

Just when Mapei's "Don't Wait" chorus had finally got out of my head, rap's golden child Chance the Rapper jumps on the remix, so I'll probably still be humming this until 2015 now. Judging from this, a proper collaboration between these two would be incredible.

Daniel Anwar - @dan_anwar

Meanwhile - "Luvletta"

Sounds like Prince’s kid if he made off with Bowie's cleaner.  If you have more fun listening to a track this year, can I please come to your next party?

David Hillier - @Gobshout

Sevdaliza - "Clear Air"

Make sure your sub's turned up for this one. "Clear Air" is Sevdaliza's first official release and it's an absolute stormer. Vibrant and entrancing, it's probably the closest we'll come to new music from Jai Paul this year (have we sent out a search party for him yet?). This artist from Holland, via Iran, is definitely one to watch out for in future.

Daniel Anwar - @dan_anwar

Titeknots - "Down The Drain"

Tru Thoughts are on tremendous form lately. Not only have they recently signed Werkha, probably the most exciting young talent in UK electronic music right now, but they've released this huge EP from Titeknots into the world. Piano loops for days n days, bouncier than a rabbit on a space hopper. This will take clubs apart.

Tom Armstrong - @tomdisco

Zhu - "Faded"

This song reminds me of being 16 and going to my local Luminar club, IKON:  straightening my collar (of course there’s a collar) as we get closer to the front of the queue- heart-racing, mouth dry, skipping a little from foot to foot while pulling my mate Leonard next to me ‘cos he’s massive, looks at least 19 and gets in at the over 21s nights they have on Saturdays. Swallow deep, ‘alright mate’ to the man in black, ‘have a good night lads’, rope swings open, exhale, IN- bright purple staircase, mirrored walls, double doors open to smokey lasers and suburban nirvana.  I don’t know what the music is because secretly I prefer Gomez but c’mon Leonard get to the bar; beers in, shots down, gissa light, let’s go go go.

David Hillier - @Gobshout

DZ Deathrays - "Gina Works At Hearts"

If guitar music is supposed to be dying,  we’ve yet to hear it’s death-rattle and besides nobody appears to have told DZ Deathrays. Thisis the second tune to emerge from their forthcoming album "Black Rat" and sees them back in fully attack mode after the slightly less frenzied, but equally impressive Northern Lights.

The furious pace and raw swagger is still in evidence, as incendiary guitars fizz and swirl like agitated wasps around a classic Ramones-esque NYC 70′s punk melody minus the bubblegum.  "Gina Works at Hearts" has the assured sound of a band who are ready to step up to the plate and take a huge step forward.

Andy von Pip - @VonPip

The Kooks - "Down"

History hasn’t been particularly kind to the curly haired Brightonian fops, with good reason as after two and half listens their toe-tappy indie-lite revealed itself to be suitable for little more than the Costa playlist.

This song sounds absolutely nothing anything they’ve ever made before, though,  and only time will tell if it’s got more legs than the music of Kooks Mk1. But at the moment it sounds like Parliament jamming in Sly And The Family Stone’s basement with The Kooks on vocals, which is just fine with me.

David Hillier - @Gobshout

Luke & Charlotte Ritchie - "Hammerite"

This is as raw a love song as I've heard in a good while, reminiscent of Foy Vance or John Smith. They're magic live, Luke's voice leaps out of him with real intensity, and Charlotte's harmonies are spot on. Catch them before they get really massive.

Harry Harris - @CmonHarris