Sabotage September Playlist: Lanza, Banks & Solange

The last fortnight has been a strong one in the world of music. Here's a run down of the new biz we've been launching through our office stereo...
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Pull My Hair Back, the heavily anticipated debut LP from Canadian songstress Jessy Lanza dropped on Kode 9's Hyperdub label, and is rammo is full of gorgeously seductive left-field R&B. Sounds a bit like the younger sibling of Jessie Ware / Bashmore and it hasn't been off our speakers all month.

On a similar tip, LA based Banks released her latest EP London, part produced by Jamie Woon and Lil Silva. Thanks to girls like her, Lanza, Kelela (whose debut mixtape is out next month - we're nearly wetting our pants with anticipation) and Twigs, 2013 will rightly go down as a golden year for R&B.

Azealia Banks met Lone again for a new banger uploaded to Soundcloud, with her potty mouth rhyming over Lone's 2010 track 'Aquamarine'. Decent stuff, but she really needs to wind her neck in on Twitter.


OFWGKTA's The Internet streamed their second album, Feel Good. It's one of our LPs of the year so far. Absolutely stunning neo-soul with jazz and rock undertones, shades of NERD even. It's available to pre-order now. We recommend you do so.

We loved this new video from Solange for Lovers in the Parking Lot.The track is pretty weak if truth be told, but the video carries it.

Finally, the biggest remix of the fortnight came from Paul Woolford, who took the Disclosure / London Grammar track and launched it out of the stratosphere with more pianos than that room in Harrods with all the pianos.