Scenes From A British Summer Country Pop Music Festival

Photographer Stuart Roy Clarke captures all the best bits of the great British festival in this stunning collection of 20 years worth of pictures, that'll have you longing for the summertime.
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Portaloos coughing up turds and bog roll, mud baths with traces of said portaloos overflow, pill-fuelled gurning, watery lager and of course music. The great British festival has become much loved in all it's urine soaked glory evolving over the years into harmless if grimey fun.

Over the last 20 years photographer Stuart Roy Clarke has been chronicling what has become something quintessentially British. Whether it's big indie bands or mainstream pop acts gracing the stage, the atmosphere of forgetting your 9-5 and letting loose for a change has become somewhat of a yearly rites of passage for UK summertime. For all our usual uptightness we seem to do having a dirty weekend in a field with only baby wipes for comfort better than anywhere else in the world. The book has all the biggies in here- Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, The Big Chill, Bestival and all the little ones in between. Clarke's photos definitely lean towards the romanticised with a sun kissed shot of nudey revellers smeared in mud looking so carefree that you almost forget they probably smelt like the Middle Ages and had cholera afterwards.

If you're a festival fan and want something to help you reminisce over your favourite summers gone by, minus the wretching a dodgy burger up or peeing into an empty cider cup, this massive collection will transport you back each time.

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