Singles Round-Up: Little Mix Deliver A Pop Near-Classic

Up this week there's a seemingly very good first release from the latest X Factor winners , a song about driving pissed and the new remix from the man who made the world see that being a dickhead isn't cool...


Little Mix-Wings

The X Factor winners are attempting to force an octopus into a paper bag; it's one of pop's tricker party tricks, producing a thee minute debut crammed full of different pop staples. Scarily they almost pull it off- retro horns, double timed handclaps (has there every been a truly great pop record without hand claps?) dubstep doom wobble and, at the end and for no explicable reason, a military drum beat pattern. Granted the lyrics are drivel,  but the rest is a pop song of the highest order.

Twin Atlantic- Yes, I Was Drunk

With a Scottish accent so thick it is was surely obtained through a childhood spent gargling the piss of Graham Souness, Twin Atlantic's new single 'Yes, I Was Drunk' is a big guitar, big chorus, yelpy vocal type affair. Channeling Biffy Clyro is a questionable route for any band to take but that is what Twin Atlantic have done, just with any trace of excitement removed. The subject matter is seemingly about getting in a car half-cut- not advisable lads and neither coincidently is this single, Worst of all though, they look like plumbers, and no one wants their rock stars to have the ability fix a dodgy tap.

Timbaland- Hands Up In The Air

Hands up in the air. Really Timbaland? I imagine this will be in a club somewhere will it? Oh it will be, can I go out on a limb and suggest that we might be hitting the floor at some point? Bingo, what can I say Timbo, it's a gift. In a bold step for originality Timbaland has produced a song so bland, if it was a Nandos it would be straight up lemon and herb. It also has NE-YO featuring, who side stepping from tradition raps about the Colman's Mustard museum of Norwich: That is of course a lie, and a crying bloody shame.

Supafly- Happiness (Mad Decent Raf Riley Remix

'Being A Dickhead's Cool' melted hipsters hardboard  from Dalston to Donnington and beyond in 2010. The man behind it, Raf Rily, has now done a remix of Supafly's 'Happiness'. The tune is massive, with sizeable beats and bleeps all over the shop making it a whole heap of awesome and although concerning itself with much the same topics as 'Hands In The Air' it does it with style and most of all humour, which is distinctly lacking from old Timbo.

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