Snoop Dogg Reincarnated As Snoop Lion

The Doggfather has just announced a new career direction, and he's moving into reggae. Check out this first release from his forthcoming album...
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He's best known for his hip-hop tales of ladies and prodigious weed intake but Snoop Dogg has just announced that he is going to be releasing a reggae album, called Reincarnated, under the new moniker of Snoop Lion. Behind the desk is super-producer Diplo, who had this to say about Snoop's career swerve: ""Snoop Dogg is an icon, man; he's bigger than the music. What we're doing is a reggae record.  It's all reggae and he's singing and he's doing a f***ing awesome job and I never knew it, but he had his heart in every song."

Have a listen below, we think it's pretty ace...

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