Subb-an: The Top House Cuts Released On One Records

We asked the DJ and producer to choose the best tunes his label have put out. Unsurprisingly he's picked two handfuls that will delight the purists...
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Alex Arnout - Vanishing Point

Such a smooth rolling track from Alex, this has been in the box since I got it.

Anthea - Distraction - Dan Ghenacia

Dan is a really great DJ and producer and this remix does the job, solid groove and great use of vocal. I remember hearing him drop this at DC10 over the summer

Kris Wadsworth - Lime & Pink

This is a very unique sounding track. It can be a little tricky to mix to but that why I love it. For me the baseline and kick drum are so out of order, I don't think I have a copy on vinyl anymore which I'm very gutted about.

Subb-an & Tuccillo - Day Motion - Point G Remix

Was a pleasure having Gregory remix for the label and he fully delivered-solid beats, great in those bigger rooms

Samu.l -  Innocent

First time I checked this track out I got very excited. I played it to death and still love it so much' when those keys drop in after the break...

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Anthea - Distraction - Subb-an 5am Remix

This was a remix I made for Anthea, we signed the original and I love what Anthea did with her vocals. I decided to make an edit to play which we then released.

Hanfry Martinez & Javier Carballo - Vamos Mi Nino

These guys are from the Canary Islands and this track reminds me of when I've been out there and played with them. There are some great parties over there for sure and this track was one of those that not only went off there, but everywhere else I played it. Has a very infectious baseline and sleazy vocal. You can't beat a sleazy vocal!

Yamen & EDA - Planet Brooklyn

I feel that these guys are going to have a good few years. They have a strong sound thats perfect for the dancefloor, rolling but stripped.

Hector - Stoned Raiders

Solid track from Hecto, what I really like with this record is the drop and trippy sounds that carry it

DJ W!ld - New Times

Love this record, perfect for those 6/7am moments when the sun starts to come up. Particularly reminds me of Sonar last year.

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