Sunflower Bean: Our Favourite DIY Bands From New York

One of this year's most exciting acts give us the skinny on their favourite artists from their hometown...
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Img C/O Rebekah Campbell

Img C/O Rebekah Campbell

For me and Nick, growing up in Long Island meant that we were only a 30 minute train ride from NYC. Most kids in high school couldn't figure out how to get there but we did and before long we were saving up lunch money to go in to the city like 3 times a week to play shows and see bands. These bands are just some that left a huge mark on me and Nick and have influenced us to this day.

1. Honduras

The first time I saw Honduras was back in 2012 when I was playing drums in Turnip King and we played a show with them at Muchmores in Brooklyn. They instantly left a mark on me and after playing with them numerous times over the past few years we've become great friends. They're a great group of guys and have been one of the only bands consistently kicking ass for the past 3 years. I love going to see them because they give me hope in rock n roll. - Jacob

2. Gingerlys

Gingerly have been close friends of mine for a couple of years and they are superb band. The songs are super to the point- hooky dream pop songs usually clocking in at 2 and a half minutes. I'm really excited for their first record and there's a few tracks that are undeniable pop rock bangers. - Nick

3. Total Slacker

Total Slacker changed my life. Going to 285 Kent when I was 16 on school nights and seeing Total Slacker completely slay is something that I will never forget. Their first record "Thrashin" might be the most played thing on my Ipod just behind Pure X. - Jacob

4. Tonstartssbandht

Another life changer. When I first saw Tonstartssbandht it sounded like the EXACT music that my brain and heart wanted. It filled this void that desperately needed filling and Edwin's drumming inspired my drumming immensely. His drumming showed me that the drums should be played like a lead instrument and should have melody as well as rhythm. - Jacob

5. Lodro

LODRO are the coolest fucking band I've ever seen. They are the evil dirty Jefferson Airplane that I always wanted. There is as much mood and vibe in Lesley's whispery vocal delivery as there is in her hypnotic creepy bass lines. Guitarist, Jeremy, is one of the most unique and important guitarist I've ever heard. He lands some where between Link Ray and Jimi Hendrix. He sounds like Sterling Morrison if Morrison was the best guitarist to ever live. My favorite thing about Jeremy is that his only guitar pedal is a tremelo which cuts the sound in half and highlights any of the possible but non-existent blemishes in his playing. While many guitarists today hide behind a big board full of delays and reverbs he stands naked in the forefront. Amazing band. - Nick 

Sunflower Bean's ace debut album Human Ceremony is out now, and they're out on tour in the UK this week.  Catch them at the venues below.

Monday 15th- Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
Tuesday 16th- The Soup Kitchen, Manchester 
Thursday 18th - The Dome, Tufnell Park
Friday 19th - Bleach, Brighton