The Best Bass Music Records of the Week

Head shaking, teeth chattering bass music, whether it's drum 'n' bass, garage, grime or any other electric creation, these are the latest and greatest tunes you need circulating in your playlist...
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Every week there are guaranteed to be an excess of ace electronic releases from across the bass music spectrum; house, garage, dubstep, drum & bass and everything in between. Here, I’ll siphon out a few of the greats that you need to have in your mp3 player or your record bag.

T.Williams - Dreaming [PMR]

After the brilliant ‘Pain & Love’ EP, T. Williams returns to the same label for more house/garage brilliance, throwing in those driving drums and classic sounding vocal cuts and organ basslines, yet still manages to fuel it with a thoroughly modern bounce.

DVA - Fly Juice EP [Hyperdub]

Hyperdub have been on immaculate form this entire year, and they don’t stop now with an 8 track selection from their Rinse FM leading man Scratcha DVA. After a wonderfully melodic album, DVA brings it back to his rugged, dancefloor roots with an EP of devastating basslines and syncopated rhythms. Weighty throughout, his collaboration with Inga Copeland, ‘Rumours’, sounds superb even after having done the rounds for a while and the brilliant French Fries remix of his classic ‘Ganja’ finally sees the light of day, this is a must have release!

Letherette - Featurette [Ninja Tune]

Letherette’s first foray onto seminal label Ninja Tune is a solid start; opening track ‘Warstones’ comes across like classic french house á la Thomas Bangalter or the Ed Banger crew, whilst ‘Surface’ and ‘Wecko’ take a much deeper, sample chopping attitude. The filters are in full effect and well executed... for a debut on such a major player, it’ll be interesting to see where they go.

Thefft - Name Shame [Embassy]

Coming across like the chopped and screwed cousin of garage, Thefft utilize a fairly recognizable vocal melody and twist it down into something else entirely, taking the familiar swing of UKG and forcing it into darker territories. ‘No Want That’ is no different, presenting itself like an amped up El-B, and is brilliant for it.

Trevino - Shank [3024]

Marcus Intalex, under his techno/house moniker Trevino, releases his second EP under Martyn’s brilliant 3024 label, and it’s the perfect amalgamation of 2012 house: dark, warped 808 beats under thriving hi hats and morphed basslines. Taking classic, 90’s elements of house music (which is very much de rigueur) and thrusting it into the 21st century, songs like ‘Tactical Manoeuvre’ and ‘Shank’ configure pulsating rhythms set straight for the club.

Alice Russell - Heartbreaker [Tru Thoughts]

Alice has been around for some time, and her work with TM Juke and The Bamboos still remains among some of my personal favourite works to listen to; now, whilst her soulful delivery and jazz-funk aptitudes might not entirely settle with the rest of this list (even though she needs to be listened to), the FaltyDL remix is worth the admission price alone. He takes her fantastic voice and stretches it over his warped take on garage, full of triplet rhythms and subs.