The Girls From 90s Bands I Fancied

This lot were almost worth watching Top of the Pops for...

Saffron from Republica

Known for their painfully '90s anthem 'Ready to Go', lead singer Saffron's voice would be immortalised to football fans after its use on Sky Sports Super Sunday. Even now after the chorus my mind braces itself to be interrupted by the nasal tones of Richard Keys: "It's another rip roaring Sunday afternoon here at Ewood Park", which gets very annoying mid-wank.

Shirley Manson from Garbage

Much fitter than her sister Marilyn. There was an element of danger about Shirley Manson. She was the girl who could kick your head in as quick as give you a feel up round the back of the assembly hall - all moody stares and heavy eye shadow. Garbage did a track called 'Only Happy When It Rains', which is fortunate being from Scotland (that one's lifted straight out of Smash Hits 1995).

Louise from Sleeper

1996: The sun was blazing, England were winning, Chris Evans was on telly, and every boy in my class (and therefore the world) had a crush on Louise from Sleeper. Gallons upon gallons of wet-look gel went into trying to woo cool older girls who looked like her. From my experience, the success rate wasn't high.

Nina from The Cardigans

Imagine being a 10 year old boy and seeing the impossibly gorgeous lead singer from the Cardigans on Top of the Pops for the first time. Believe me, it was nothing short of a revelation to young lads whose only point of reference for Sweden beforehand was overweight Leeds midfielder Tomas Brolin.

The Guitarist from Elastica

Now don't get me wrong, lead singer Justine was well buff (or whatever I used to say back then) but it was the pixie-like Donna Matthews on guitar that stood out for me back in the day. She had the looks and the songs and the guitar. Put simply, Donna was every Britpop-obsessed boy's dream girl. Now she makes Christian folk music, apparently.