The Jolly Boys Raise Awareness For Diabetes With Charity Xmas Song

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Christmas is the time to make a difference. Christmas always puts people in a festive mood. Be it songs, food or drinking until we're merry, Christmas is a time for sharing time and energy on yourself and on others.

A group of lads hoping to spread some joy and Christmas help this year are the band the Jolly Boys.

The Jolly Boys, brought together through their mutual love of football have come together with rock group Jagged Edge to release a charity single they hope will raise thousands of pounds for diabetes charities around the country.

The Jolly Boys, who have already raised over £900 for Diabetes UK, have loftier ambitions in their line of sight, will the hope that their song, cover of 'Naughty, Naughty' by Danger Danger, can go further to generating awareness and funds for sufferers of the disease.

"We thought how it was a great idea to release a [charity] single for Christmas" said band-member Tony Green.

"On our first outing in Barnsley, we ended up at a working men's club where our friends from Jagged Edge were playing. They were fantastic and a common friendship developed."

Both sets of lads agreed upon a date and headed into the studio to cover the song between 20th-24th October, culminating in what can be seen here.

There's no sleigh bells or traditional festive music in sight, but the boy serve up a frenzy of classic rock aimed at bucking the trend of X-Factor singles that populate the airwaves this time of year. With a chorus that yells and guitars that scream, this song is as catchy as it is charitable. And charitable it is.

Diabetes has a hit rate of 1 in 16 people in the UK, and is only becoming more common. The effect on your body, on your lifestyle, stay with you the rest of your life.

Altered eating patterns mean that you always have one eye on having too much of one food, or not enough of another. It changes that way you live your life.

The lads in the Jolly Boys are hoping that with their single 'Naughy, Naughty' they can pump some much needed funds towards research and care for diabetes sufferers in the UK.

Be as generous with your money as the Jolly Boys and Jagged Edge have been with their time, and help make a difference this Christmas.

To buy the song and to help this brilliant cause, click here.