The London Music Map: A Piece Of Pop Culture Brilliance

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Most pieces of pop culture brilliance leave you thinking “now why didn’t somebody think of that before – preferably me?” The London Music Map created by musician and producer Nick Faber is a case in point.

The map provides a wonderful visual guide to the capital’s rich, colourful and ever-evolving musical heritage. The over 60 legendary locations featured include the settings for great album covers, recording studios and venues, the streets behind the songs and the sites of the births, lives, arrests and deaths that make up so many of London’s great musical stories.

The locales featured on “The London Music Map” cover all the musical eras for which London has been the epicentre, from the Swinging Sixties, through the drug-fuelled chaos of the early seventies, to punk, new wave, reggae, Britpop, hip-hop and pretty much everything else besides along the route to the present day. As Faber says, “even if a musical idea doesn’t start here, then London will soon hear it, add its own twist and play it back to the world”.

The map is available as both a stunning art print and fold out version to stick in your pocket as a visual guide to the sounds of the city.

Following the early success of the London map and the sheer fun of putting it together, Nick has firmly caught the cartography bug. He is currently working on new maps for other iconic musical cities such as Manchester and New York.

Like all of the best popular music, “The London Music Map” is a deceptively simple and deeply brilliant idea. Every city – and music fan’s home – should have one.