The Rolling Stones - Doom And Gloom: Rock N' Roll Is Alive And Kicking

The boys are back with a track that kicks the piss out of the dirge we have to suffer elsewhere..
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Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. Sat down in the office this morning, turned on Tweetdeck, saw that our gaffer had retweeted Tim Burgess' tweet saying 'new Rolling Stones song, the boys have still got it' with a link to the song. Haven't they just. In a world where people actually have to debate whether Coldplay are any good or not and bands forget what they are good at by either disappearing up their own arses or attempting to reinvent the bastard wheel at every turn, to hear this, a howling Jagger vocal over vintage Stones rock n' roll from Keith, Ron & Charlie has made this day a blinder. The real shame though is that this track is to accompany another bleeding greatest hits compilation rather than a new album, can someone have a word?

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