The Stone Roses Are Reforming And I Cannot F*cking Wait

We might still be awaiting the official announcement but the Stone Roses are definitely reforming and I'll do whatever it takes to get a ticket...
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Following Friday night's Twitter rumours, it has been confirmed that not only have the Stone Roses been rehearsing all summer but that they will definitely reform for both a new album and a huge tour. Here's why I am shitting my fridge in anticipation...

I was too young the first time around. Music means little or nothing to a seven year old. The bands you fall in love with through your teens turn you on to those that inspired them and leave you wondering what you missed and of the magic that was cast. The majesty of the Roses was unavoidable.

Rumours of reunions have risen before and been ruined too quickly. One obstacle was removed at a family funeral earlier this year when guitarist John Squire and front man Ian Brown spoke again following years of feuding. Multi million pound deals were spoke of in bad taste and reconciliation gossiped. Mani slammed the door shut: "Two old friends meeting up after 15 years to pay their respects to my mother does not constitute the reformation of The Stone Roses. Please fuck off and leave it alone.”

Squire was just as clinical in 2009 as the twentieth anniversary of that album bore hopeful whispers; "I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses".

"We were like brothers once and that spirit is what made us. But now that spirit simply isn't there. It's not about the money. I just don't see how we could recreate what we had. It would spoil everything by trying." Ian Brown, 2005.

The stance of each member and the mystery of legendary drummer Reni have resisted the temptation of the money on offer and protected the Roses legacy. A reunion would only ever be done in the right way. The cow would of course be milked and merchandise would be rinsed, but the basis would always be the magic of the Roses. Any money on offer now is unlikely to be different to that which has been offered before.

If you saw John Squire become God in '89 as the solo to 'I am the resurrection' surged into heaven don't you want to see it again just for old magic sake?

It seems I'm not the only one excited by the news. Tim Burgess of The Charlatans tweeted as such: "Big news Tues. Nice when old friends who became foes become friends."

Those who've seen the band live are reunion sceptical with the luck and privilege of having done so. There's nothing for them to gain. Memories of Blackpool, Spike Island and Ally Pally will forever outshine that of four men approaching fifty trying to recapture the magic at the 02. Yet those who missed the seminal gigs would give anything to see them do so, despite the allure of mystery.

The Stone Roses have the chance to perform the songs to a generation who never got to share them in the same room - each member is still a master of their craft. If you saw John Squire become God in '89 as the solo to 'I am the resurrection' surged into heaven don't you want to see it again just for old magic sake? Shut your eyes and imagine Mani and Reni combining to kick off  'She Bangs The Drums' and a smile spreads. Ian Brown may no longer have the angelic look of youth but he's still the front man who sparked a million imitations and to hear him sing 'I Wanna Be Adored" would be worth whatever the touts would fleece me for all on it's own.

As Roses fever spread Reni came out of recluse to send the NME a message: "Not before 9T will I wear the hat 4 the Roses again".

We now know that he was lying. The Stone Roses are reforming and I cannot fucking wait...

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