The Stone Roses Second, Second Coming

This hilarious spoof shows a lighter side to the Stone Roses imminent "second coming"...
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Behold the unofficial Stone Roses documentary spoof that follows them everywhere, from their old practice haunts in a chicken shop to the recording studio.

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Written and created by
Nico Tatarowicz

Additional writing
Dawson Bros, James Serafinowicz

Nico Tatarowicz, Dan Renton Skinner, Peter Serafinowicz,
Adeel Akhtar, Lucy Montgomery, Tony Way, Will Andrews

Neil Webster, Ali Marlow

Al Campbell

Cowards Gold – Steve Dawson and Nico Tatarowicz
Dodgy Jam – Steve Dawson
Guitar snippets - Believing In Good – Nico Tatarowicz / David Potts

Ian Brown Interviewed: “I Don’t Think Age Has Anything To Do With It”

The Stone Roses Are Reforming And I Cannot F*cking Wait

What The World Was Waiting For: The Stone Roses Remembered

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